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Customer Care Executive - Sabka Developer InfoTech

Date Posted: Mar 14, 2023
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  • Location:
    Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh, India
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    First Shift (Day)
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    Short Course
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    Mar 14, 2024

Job Description

What are the things that a Customer Care Executive is not allowed to say?

 The Customer Care Executive can give whatever answer, he wants to fulfill the query of the customer.

But there are some things which are not allowed in the job of customer care executive. 

We have told you earlier that the most important role of the customer care executive depends on the knowledge. 

A customer care executive is also called a caller agent, who attends the call of customer.

A successful caller agent is identified on the basis of his knowledge. The more abstract one's knowledge is, the more his level increases in this job.

With the help of his sharp knowledge caller agent satisify the customer and erase all of his query permanently. 

So, now we will explain to you in detail what is such things that a customer care executive can never tell the customer.

  1. My working hours have been completed : As you know, the working hours of the customer care agent are already decided. And each of the caller agent is deployed according to his working hours by the company.

Customer can use the service at any time to know his query. 

So according to this, whenever you call the caller agent that time will be running in his working hours. 

That's why customer care executive can never tell their customer that his working hours has been completed.

  1. I don't know about this : It may happen that the customer may ask you a question about which you do not have proper knowledge. Also he may ask you a question outisde your deparment. 

In such a condition you cannot tell the cusotmer that we cannot deal with this or cannot handle this.

If you directly show the customer that you are not able to help him, then definitely it will drain the customer's interest or irritate him. 

In such type of condition, you have to support the customer and help him in the best possible way.

If you feel that the question asked by the customer, not similar from your department. Then understand him well and transfer his call to the similar department.

  1. Stop shouting : When the customer become more irratated about something, then the behaviour of  the customer may not be good with you. 

Customer may shout at you, misbehave with you or may even say something wrong. But in such a situation instead of giving him the opposite answer you have to work patiently.

Try to talk him very calmly and give him the complete assurance that you will solve his problem very soon.

  1. Would you like to speak to a supervisor : Sometimes a customer may not be satisfied with your words, but in such a situation ask the customer talk to our supervisior is not right. It would be like pouring oil on the fire.

Do not transfer customer's call directly to the supervisor, if you do that then this will fall your value in the customer's eyes.

Try to handle the customer himself and help him at the last stage. 

8 Important Rules When Speaking With Customer

There are 8 important rules used when speaking with customer. If you properly follow these rules then it will help you a lot to handle the customer well.

  1. Do not delay at all in picking up the customer's call. To become a good customer care executive gotta pick it up within 2-3 rings.

  1. Do not start talking to the customer immediately after picking up the call.

But first introduce yourself, then after introduce the company in a proper manner.

After completing the introduction of yourself and the company, then listen the customer's query carefully.

  1. 3. Absolutely when you speak to the customer then speak clear and direct. Do not try tospin anything and speak only related to the topic. 

  1. Talk to the customer professionally and try to talk appropriate tone. While talking to the customer, your only objective should be to satisfy the customer.


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Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh, India

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