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Marketing Manager - Sabka Developer InfoTech

Date Posted: Mar 23, 2023
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Job Detail

  • Location:
    Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Company:
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  • Shift:
    First Shift (Day)
  • Career Level:
    Entry Level
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  • Degree:
    Short Course
  • Apply Before:
    Feb 07, 2025

Job Description

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is responsible to draw up and manage the marketing campaigns for the product. He is responsible to produce more and more demand for the product by organizing various marketing campaigns.

The position of Marketing Manager is very important. And the important sole purpose of every marketing manager is to increase the demand for the company's product by applying a wide variety of activities.

Organizing, Managing, Designing, and Controlling SM (Social Media) platforms are the useful strategies of a successful Marketing Manager.

Here are the Role and Responsibilities of the Marketing Manager.

Role and Responsibilities of Marketing Manager

  1. Develop a Business Product or Service
  2. Marketing Research and Analyzing Trends
  3. Draw up and Manage Campaigns
  4. Keep Tracking Social Media Platforms
  5. Product Promotion
  6. Labeling and Packaging
  7. Direction and Coordination
  8. Standardization and Testing
  9. Leading Brands
  10. Properly Distribution of the Product into the Market.

Here are the details of all Roles and Responsibilities of the Marketing Manager, we have discussed above

Develop a Business Product or Service: The most important duty and responsibility of a marketing manager are to develop a business product. It depends on the marketing manager, after all, what state does he use to develop business products. Developing any product requires many factors. The success of any product depends on how wisely its raw material has been selected. And it is chosen with great merit by the Marketing Manager. 

Marketing Research and Analyzing Trends: Time-to-time market research is very important for every marketing manager because the market can change at any time. For the success of the product, the marketing manager must always be in step with the market and the latest trends.

Keep Tracking Social Media Platforms: If seen this time, then social media is a very good platform to aware people of the benefits of new products. But for this, the marketing manager must track these platforms properly. Whatever necessary information is obtained by tracking social media, applying that information properly to the product is the main role of the Marketing Manager.

Labeling and Packaging: By packaging the product in such a way that the customer is attracted to see the product and buy it. This is called Marketing. The packaging and labeling of the product should be done in such a way that the required information is available to the customer. Like how to use, recycle, ingredients that should be shown on the packaging.

Product Promotion: No matter how good you make the product, to increase the game of the product, people must be aware of the quality and benefits of your product. Promotion of the product is very important, in the promotion to making people aware of the quality and benefits of the product. Marketing Managers have the responsibility to convey the goodness and benefits of the product to the people. For this, he can use popular platforms like newspapers, online ads, radio, websites, and other social media platforms.

Standardization and Testing: Before launching the product, it is the responsibility of the Marketing Manager to check the standardization and test the quality of the product properly.

The Marketing Manager should check that the product is not harming the environment in any way. It should be environment friendly and the quality of the raw material, design, and everything should be in a better manner.

Properly Distribution of the Product into the Market: 

After doing marketing research, developing the product, tracking media platforms, promoting the product, and testing the standardization the most important step comes, in the end, to distribute the final product into the market.

The most important role of the marketing manager is to distribute or sell the product into the market properly. 


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Company Overview

Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh, India

Sabka Developer Infotech is a website development company that specializes in developing and maintaining custom websites. We provide many services, including website design, development, hosting, and upkeep. Sabka Developer Infotech, as an experience... Read More

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